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137th Annual Little World's Fair

Old-fashioned family fun in the heart of the Catskills!

The Farmers Club of Grahamsville was formed in the fall of 1870 or spring of 1871 and changed its name to the Neversink Agricultural Society in 1897.

The first Grahamsville Fair was held on a bright September day in 1878 and 425 tickets were sold.  Admission was ten cents.  Ties for cattle, oxen, horses and pens for hogs and sheep had been built.  There was space for family picnics in the orchard back of the fair grounds.  A few booths had been set up for exhibits of produce.

Steadily increasing in size, the fair was moved several times.  Finally, the present grounds were rented and later purchased.  The first year on the new grounds is remembered because the bridge gave way and fairgoers had to drive through the Chestnut Creek.

The Little World’s Fair, as it came to be called affectionately, has been held every year except 1928, when floods took out the bridge and tore up the fair grounds.

The Grahamsville Little World’s Fair is the longest running independent fair in New York State.