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  • The Half Moon 48 S. Front St. Hudson, NY (map)

Lady Moon & The Eclipse Performing at The Half Moon w/ Robbing Johnny

Lady Moon & The Eclipse
Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a collective of musicians working together to create positive and inspirational music called cosmic soul. Lady Moon carries the essence of the Moon sending a message of love, peace, and light, while the musicians serve as the Sun shining light upon her. The audience represents the Earth, also known as the Star People of Earth, completing the metaphorical eclipse. Lady Moon & The Eclipse explore positive music and the live experience to inspire and make a difference in themselves and in the world.

Robbing Johnny
Pat and John met spectating a knife throwing contest at a festival. Bards from different lands, they banded together and traveled from town to town sharing poem and song. Thus was born Robbing Johnny. Along the way, they met a shaman named Evan who showed them how to harness blue fire. One fine day, these men came upon a pair of wayfarers. Mahoney and Brooks were their names. In their souls, they contained a wizardry known as groove. Thus, maketh the rock and roll.